Welcome to the personal website of Keith Ott. Here you'll find my ramblings and tutorials on software development, as well as a collection of side projects I've worked on throughout the years.

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Real Properties With Moq

They're real and they're spectacular!

April 19, 2019 by Keith Ott

I was recently using the C# Moq mocking library, and I needed to not only initialize a property to a value, but I needed the property to be updated by the code.

Software Engineer vs. Computer Programmer

A developer by any other name would smell like coffee.

April 19, 2019 by Keith Ott

People who write software for a living go by many names: computer programmer, software developer, software engineer, heck, even sometimes the (derogatory) term code monkey. But what’s the difference? One might say it’s a difference in education, or its just semantics and it’s all the same. If we’re specifically talking software engineer versus computer programmer, I believe there is a world of difference.

Don't Copy and Paste from Stack Overflow

Why you shouldn't implement the copy/paste design pattern.

April 19, 2019 by Keith Ott

I recently saw an post online asking “Why should I hire a software engineer if I can just copy and paste from Stack Overflow?” The answer was “Copy pasting: $1. Knowing what code to copy paste: $100,000/year.”