Welcome to Keith Ott: The Site!

Welcome to the official website of Keith Ott. Here you'll find a collection of side projects I've worked on throughout the years.


Ninety-Nine has been updated with some long overdue features. New backgrounds, new card designs, selectable player speeds, new icons, no ads, fix for audio bugs, and now it's open source!

Play it on your Android device or in your web browser now for free!

Love the mobile game Wordscapes but hate getting stuck on a puzzle? Wordscapes Solver will solve even the toughest Wordscapes puzzle for you!

Wow, it's been too long! To finally add some content, I whipped up a simple .NET Core command-line app to help me manage my favorite internet radio stations. It's available on the new Utilities page.

Also, there's been a few, long overdue tweaks. First, Ostrich Backup has been removed. it never worked right from the beginning, and the tweaks I made to it actually made it worse. Just don't use it. Also, I've removed Paired Programmers (it's been dead for a while) and updated my About page.

I have some pretty big ideas for this site, but let's start with some simple, long overdue things, eh? :)

Started as a side project to learn Angular 2 and TypeScript, Number Guess pits you against any number of human and CPU players in a race to see who can guess the hidden number first. Play it free here (or fork the source!)

Ostrich Backup has been updated to support backing up to archives. Download it for free here!

Watch me play Dig Dug for the Commodore 64 in the latest epsiode in my Let's Play series, Keith Plays! I've added it to the playlist in Videos.

Come watch me play Highnoon for the Commodore 64! I've added it to the playlist in Videos.

After months of work, I've finally released my newest and most ambitious project yet, Ninety-Nine. Playable in a web browser as well as on Android devices, Ninety-Nine (or 99) pits you against multiple CPU players all vying to be the last person remaining.

Play it on your Android device or in your web browser now for free!

I finally got around to making a new Keith Plays video! It's Super Smash TV for the Super Nintendo and man, it's fun! I've added it to the playlist in Videos!

I've made multiple cartoons using GoAnimate. Check out the playlist of all of them in Videos!

The ability to tip off a value other than the bill total (for example, after applying a coupon) has been added to Bill Split and Tip. Find out more about it on Google Play™.

High Low joins the software line-up. It's a simple but addicting open-source game, where you have to guess if the next number will be higher or low. Play it in your browser now for free!

Also, sorry about the long delay between updates, but I've been busy with my new side project, Paired Programmers. We're a YouTube channel that puts out videos on a variety of software development topics, including free tutorials. Check out our YouTube channel!

I just added Golf Solitaire to the software line-up, a game I started over a year ago. Play it in your browser now for free!

Although it has been out for a while already, today marks the official announcements of my newest Android™ app, Countdown. Countdown the time remaining until that special day with this free app. Also, there's been some long overdue usability improvements made to the website.

Check out my newest app, Bill Split and Tip, for Android™ devices! Easily calculate the tip for a bill and how to split it among everyone in your party with this free app. Download it today from Google Play™!

Today marks the third redesign of KeithOtt.com! It's been completely rewritten using AngularJS and Bootstrap and built with Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower! My goal was a straight port, so bigger changes will be coming later.