Bill Split and Tip Updated

A new release of an old classic

Google recently informed me that they’re going to be pulling some of my Android apps from the Google Play Store, because they’re built on some really old versions of Cordova that have security flaws. For Bill Split and Tip, I figured this was a great opportunity to not just upgrade, but to re-platform it on Angular 7 and release it as a Progress Web App (PWA).

This actually highlights a problem with releasing apps in a curated store as a hobbiest developer. It requires constant maintenance. For example, anything I release on my website it relatively static. Apps like Same Game haven’t been touched in years (and I have no plans on updating them anytime soon). But, in the case of Google Play, Google can request that I update them at anytime. As a result, going forward I’m planning on skipping app stores and instead release my apps as an installable PWA. They work just like an app and they run fully offline!

Installing Bill Split and Tip on Android

Installing Bill Split and Tip from the Chrome dialog

On a Chrome-based browser (Chrome, Brave), simply go to Bill Split and Tip. At the bottom of the screen you’ll be prompted to “Add Bill Split and Tip to Home screen”.

Installing Bill Split and Tip from the Chrome menu

Alternatively, under the options menu of the browser, tap “Add to Home Screen”.

Installing Bill Split and Tip from Firefox

In Firefox, tap the house icon with a + in it in your toolbar.

Installing Bill Split and Tip on iOS

I’ll admit, I don’t own an iPhone or iPad to test this on. From what I can gather, iOS should prompt you to install it similar to how Chrome does.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all it takes! Of course, if you’re on a desktop or your browser doesn’t support installing web apps, you can always just use it from your web browser. So what are you waiting for? Go check out Bill Split and Tip now!

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