Legacy Applications

A collection of older, legacy applications I’ve written over the years. Chances are they aren’t very useful anymore, but they’re here if you still use them.

Directory to Clipboard

Directory to Clipboard extracts the names of all files in a directory and copies them onto the clipboard.

Fake Form

Fake Form is a configurable form that allows users to enter and copy data to the clipboard in a uniform manner. It’s great for capturing data in a consistent manner in “Notes” fields in legacy systems.

File Cleaner

File Cleaner quickly removes unwanted lines from any text file, based on user-specified criteria. It’s designed for large, text-based log files, as it can remove extraneous information to help users quickly spot problems.

Hash Calculator

Hash Calculator allows you hash a file, compare a file to a hash, and compare two files. Hash Calculator supports MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512.

Playlist Builder

Have a jumbled playlist of your favorite internet radio stations? PlaylistBuilder takes a collection of internet radio stations in an XML file and outputs them into a PLS playlist file, optionally alphabetizing them.

Text Tool

Text Tool simplifies common, time consuming text manipulation tasks.